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Kia Rondo Factory Alloy Wheel

Day-to-day driving can quickly take its toll on your wheels.Weather, salts, curbs, and potholes can all greatly affect the appearance anddrivability of your alloy rims. Over time, they begin to look dirty and canbring down the value and looks of your car, truck or SUV.Replacing alloy rimsfor new can be very costly! But there are ways you can get around that cost andstill have alloy wheels that you can be very proud to show off: considerreplacement factory alloy wheels. These wheels have been taken in, examined,stripped down and remanufactured back to OE specifications. They have the samelook as a brand new OE wheel, and cost far less.Factory alloy wheels are even agood way to replace the cheap donut spare you carry in your trunk, as well.Getting stuck on a freeway driving on a donut is not the most appealing ofideas. You can’t get up to road speed on a donut, and let’s face it, it justlooks dumb. Replacing this with a full-sized factory alloy wheel will keep yousafer and you won’t have to worry about trying to find a garage that may or maynot be open, may or may not be able to fix your wheel, or may or may not have awheel in stock for you to purchase.With factory alloy wheels available inhundreds of styles and colors, you are sure to find exactly what you need fromour extensive inventory. We stock thousands of wheels, most of them ready toship out the door the same day they are ordered.With thousands of replacementfactory wheels in stock and ready to ship, put money back in your pocket andreplace your disfigured alloy wheel now. Save big over dealer cost, and putvalue back on your vehicle.

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