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Factory Hubcap & Wheel Cover

While many vehicles utilize aluminum wheels for aesthetic purposes, aluminum wheels can be very expensive, and are prone to the harshness of weather conditions. For instance, salt can ruin the clear coat, and sun and heat can take their toll on the finish. Not to mention that aluminum is a softer metal and can be dented easily when driving across holes, or easily scraped if brushed against a curb.Steel wheels, on the other hand, can cope better with the cruel hand that is dealt by winter. They are also more capable of being driven across potholes and don’t scratch very easily when rubbed against curbs. Their downfall – their look. Steel wheels can be very plain and don’t do much to dress up a car, truck or SUV like an aluminum wheel can.Fortunately, there are options available in the marketplace that can be purchased to dress up steel wheels without breaking the bank to do so. Purchasing factory wheel covers to install is one method of hiding any dirt or rust that can be on the steel wheel, and make the wheel, and your ride, look more enticing.Factory wheel covers pop easily onto the face of steel wheels. They can make the steel wheel look like it is actually an aluminum wheel, and are easy to keep clean. Wheel covers come in a wide variety of sizes designs and colors. You are sure to find exactly what you need to dress up your vehicle.With that being said, purchasing a wheel cover has never been easier. Look no further than We offer quite an extensive inventory of factory wheel covers at a price anyone can afford. With thousands in stock and ready to ship to you, usually the same day as ordered, you can be assured of finding the perfect factory wheel cover for your car, truck or SUV. offers you many affordable options for dressing up your vehicle!

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