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Toyota Factory Steel Wheel

Winter is here and you’re thinking about the toll the harsh elements are going to take on your aluminum wheels: corrosion, attacks on the clear coat, paint, chrome or polishing, or eating away at the metal.  Why not replace your summer aluminum wheels with sturdy steel wheels and save those pretty aluminum wheels for warmer weather?  Or maybe you currently have steel wheels on your vehicle and they are rusting and broken or missing chunks.   Another suggestion is to replace that hazardous donut spare in your trunk with a safe, road-worthy, full-sized steel wheel spare?  All of these issues can be easily resolved by shopping for replacement factory steel wheels through! offers an extensive line-up of replacement factory steel wheels.   Improve the looks of your vehicle and the safety of your ride by replacing or upgrading worn out wheels from our inventory.   You, too, can save on the same quality steel wheels as the dealer and chain stores!   With steel wheels that fit most vehicle years and models, our wheels look and perform every bit as well or better than a factory product, all the while offering them at a much lower price and a better warranty than factory replacement steel wheels.  Many finish options are available to choose from.   You will find that by replacing your worn out, broken or outdated steel wheels can easily improve the look of your vehicle. offers an easy-to-use search function so you can effortlessly find the replacement steel wheel to meet your needs.  When ordering from, shipping of your order will, in most cases, take place 24 hours after payment has been received.  We utilize shipping locations from across the Continental United States and we will do our best to ship a replacement steel wheel from a location closest to you.   This will help you avoid lengthy down-times and will also help get you back on the road safely, and quickly.  You can easily save time and save money - let help you with your factory steel wheel needs.  Start your search now to replace old worn out wheels with fresh and safe steel replacement wheels now.  We are happy to help make sure you are getting the item you are expecting, please feel free to email us with any questions you may have regarding your wheels, or the replacement wheels you are ordering.

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