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Front Lighting

If it weren’t for the automotive lighting on the front of a vehicle, there would probably be a lot more accidents! Thanks to the front lighting system on a car, truck and SUV, vehicles have an efficient way of being seen by oncoming drivers so they can give each other the right of way, greatly avoiding traffic collisions. The front automotive lighting system is also key in helping the driver see where they are going at dusk, dawn, and in poor-visibility driving conditions.There are several aspects that make up the "front lighting", which is included on the front and front sides of the motor vehicle. Front lighting on a vehicle includes the fog lights, headlights, parking, side marker and signal lights. All of which can come as a regular assembly or individual components. Keeping this lighting in proper working order is essential in safe driving. Always check the lights – replace any parts that are: missing, worn, or cracked - which can let inclement weather in to cause more problems.There are specific requirements for front lighting. For instance, there must be two or four headlights at the front of the vehicle, they must be white, and they must have both low and high beams. There also must be two yellow side marker lights located near the front of the vehicle that can be used for either turn signal lights, or side marker lights. Driving with inadequate or insufficient lighting not only causes severe hazards, but can also cause you to be pulled over and be fined.Thanks to, finding replacement lighting for the front of your car, truck or SUV could never be easier. With thousands of pieces in inventory ready to ship, you are sure to find the appropriate front lighting fixture for your vehicle. Not only do we have an inventory that covers most makes and models, but we sell at prices well below dealer, saving you big bucks! Start your search now for replacement front lights for your car, truck or SUV.

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