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Parking, Marker, & Signal Lighting Components

The lighting system on the front of a car, truck or SUV is a very significant piece of apparatus for a vehicle. Consider the fact that a vehicle can blend easily with a road. Lights help that vehicle stand out and be distinguished from the road and surrounding landscape. The components of a lighting system are used on a continuous basis – day and night, rain or shine – and ensure the vehicle and passengers stay safely seen as it is going down the road.Parking lights, marker lights and signal lights make up the components of the front lighting system. Each piece plays a very significant role to the front of the vehicle. Keeping a driver, passengers, and other traffic out of harm’s way is the goal of the front lighting components.Parking lights, which are also called running lights, are located on the outside of the headlamps. If a driver has to pull over to the side of the road, for instance, the parking lights stay lit and help the vehicle be seen while it is sitting there. It also helps pedestrians and other traffic see what is coming towards them so they can steer clear. Parking lights are also utilized when the head lights go out to keep the vehicle lit.Signal lights are included in this assembly and help alert others which direction a vehicle is going to turn.Marker lights are side-facing and make the vehicle’s direction of travel clearly visible.These components should be checked periodically to be sure they are working at full capacity. Road debris can easily crack lighting, rendering it useless. Dust, dirt and weather can scratch the lenses. Replacing broken or missing parking, marker and signal light components is very important.Let us help you find the components you need for your lights. has access to an extensive inventory across the nation of replacement parking, marker and signal light components. In stock and ready to ship, you are sure to find the lighting components you need quickly, and easily. Replacement parking, marker and signal light components will save you money, too!

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