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Fog Light Components

Road debris, time, and weather can take their toll on different features of a car, truck or SUV. Lighting is no exception to this rule. Bezels, reflectors, mounting brackets, covers and lenses, to name a few, are prime targets for debris coming up off the road or off other vehicles and can cause extensive damage to these exterior parts.There is a science to the yellow beam of the fog lamp and what it means as far as how it works to protect a vehicle: the trademark yellow beam of the fog lamp is actually used to deflect water droplets in the fog and make it easier to see through it and be seen to oncoming traffic. When a fog lamp breaks, some drivers will try to rely on their headlamps, which in fact does the opposite by reflecting the light off the droplets back at the driver, hindering vision and turning the situation into a hazard for the driver and those driving around them.Fog lamp components need to be checked and replaced as they become broken to ensure they stay in proper working order when it comes time to use them. Ensuring the safety of the vehicle and the safety of the passengers should always be priority one, especially when it comes to fog and inclement weather.Locating replacement fog lamp components such as doors, bezels, covers, mounting brackets, and lenses is easy, and they can be found at prices less than buying a name-brand replacement part from a dealer. is your stop for replacement fog light components. Replacement fog lamp components meet and exceed original equipment standards. By searching our extensive inventory, you will find fog lamp components that fit most vehicles and are in stock, ready to ship to you today!Don’t live dangerously out on the road. Replace those broken or missing parts quickly, and economically.

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