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Tail Light Components

There are many parts of a vehicle that can be affected just by the daily grind of driving. Tires and wheels are just a couple components, to name a few, that can be easily distressed by road conditions and weather. But did you realize that the tail light doors and bezels on your car, truck or SUV can also be affected by these same conditions?Vehicles put off vibrations as they travel down roads, which, along with inclement weather and road debris, can cause breaking or cracking of tail lamps. When a tail lamp breaks, the car, truck or SUV becomes a safety hazard to others on the road because they no longer can tell if the vehicle is slowing or stopping. Installing tail lamp doors and bezels is a good way to reduce these vibration-causing damages.Tail light doors and bezels can serve similar functions: they fill in and seal the gap between the lamp and the vehicle, preventing the vibrations that cause the lamp to shake and rattle and eventually leads to cracked lamps and bulbs. Moisture and debris are also sealed out by doors and bezels and prevented from entering the lamps which could cause them to short out.Not only are tail light doors and bezels a good way to protect your tail lights, but with so many styles and designs to choose from, they can also be considered an upgrade item, enhancing the look of your car, truck or SUV.You can find your perfect match through All or our replacement aftermarket tail light doors and bezels are DOT and SAE approved and are constructed out of durable ABS plastic and triple chrome plated. Search our website to find the tail light door and bezel that fits your vehicle – our easy-to-use search screens can direct you to the parts you need.Most orders are ready to ship within 24 hours after receiving payment. With locations across the Continental United States, we will try to find a tail lamp door and bezel closest to you to help prevent lengthy downtimes. Free shipping within the Continental United States gives you another reason to use! will work with you to ensure you get the right parts you need to keep your vehicle running properly. If you ever have any questions about the parts you are ordering, our helpful Customer Service group is just a mouse click away and are ready to assist you.

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